SmartStrip - Yet another web GUI for relay control

Maybe it's a bit early to announce this, but I need help, comments, suggestions, beta testers, whatever :sweat_smile::

SmartStrip is a sketch for Arduino meant to allow advanced control of relays through a web interface. SmartStrip currently supports always ON/always OFF and temperature-controlled relays, i.e.: a relay can be configured to turn on when the temperature goes above/below a given threshold (with a given hysteresis margin). The temperature is measured through a DS18B20 sensor connected to any pin of the Arduino.

Probably the most important feature is that SmartStrip is compatible with both the official Ethernet Shield and ENC28J60-based shields, which makes it able to run almost everywhere. To achieve this goal, SmartStrip uses a library I wrote that I'm announcing as well:

Sukkino is a collection of libraries for the Arduino platform. I originally wrote them for my own projects but I think many arduinists can take advantage from them. It contains a universael webserver capable of delivering dynamic contents, a method for writing runtime assertions and one for reading/writing arbitrary objects from/to EEPROM.

So here we go. I'm very open to suggestions, collaboration, questions, so just reply with your ideas :).

Hi, this looks very interesting!

I'd like to try to get this running with a standard Ethernet shield and widely-available low-cost relay boards.

Also, you may want to consider the start-up / reset issue to assure no relays can momentarily click on. Some info here:

I'd want to use optically-isolated relay boards like these, which have 2,4 and 8 relay versions:

DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop... (which is what I know best :slight_smile: )

You can surely do that! One of my test setups is Mega 2560 + W5100 Ethernet Shield (Made in China, but identical to the official one) + 2 boards similar to the $6,50 you have in stock, but without OptoCouplers + DS18B20 mounted on a protoboard. It works like a charm!

If you use pins 8, 7, 6 and 5 for the relays and pin 2 for the DS18B20 data line, it will most likely work out of the box!

Hi very interesting project!
It could be controlled by a SCADA/domotic software to work together other devices.
We have created plugins for ipx800 boards or progetti-hwsw boards. So with a single software you can control different technologies.
I think your system is similar to these devices.
More info at: