SMD Components Explained!

Hello! So thanks to everybody here and at, I decided to make another post explaining SMD components. heres the link! I hope you will enjoy it! I certainly learned a lot while making it.


What happened to the first post discussing this?

That was a different article. This is the next one, I'm speedy :sweat_smile:

glad you took the advice and did the led/smd package one...........looks good!!

whats next?

resistors? and the different types?

Umm, well resistors tend to come in either through hole or the smd packages mentioned.

I was working on a LED explanation, like though and through. what a diode is, what materials are used in actually making an LED.

If you have had a question you could post it here and i'll make a whole article for it. I probably won't have another one until monday seein as how I have 3 exams on monday

re: resistors

I meant more about the different types not packages/footprint (like tant vs ceremic, vs electrolythic vs metal...etc..etc)

but whatever... it all is coming along nice.

Oh that is a good idea, explaining the difference between tantanium or w/e and ceramic and electrolytic for capacitors, yea, i'll have that out monday night or tuesday morning. Posted to forums tuesday morning