I have started my first biggest project with arduino, in this moment I'm ready with harware and next stage will be writing the soft :))) When I finish this project I will post all shematics and source

Project Title : Homemade SMD oven controller shield Desc:s 1. 1 onboard thermomether ds18s20 2. 1 Oven thermo K-type with MAX6675 3. 1 LCD 2x16 4. 2 Buttons 5. 1 Relay 8A /for OVEN/ 6. Default connection to PC :)

Some pics:

The shiled, I use single side PCB and for this I put smd connectors. If some want my Eagle lib for the shiled I will send :)

Arduino Board - serial

Max 6675 adapter for use in different applications

LCD 2x16

This looks great!

Please post a BOM too.

I think a lot of us DIYers would love one of these.

Is the serial for control, or just for monitoring? Where is the probe?

Any chance you are going to make a kit?

Excellent! I've thought a lot about an oven controller and never made one (and won't until I have an electric oven again) but this is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind (I think). Nice work!

serial is default on arduino serial I will use it for logging and after that I will put values excell to analize the curve of soldering proces. I'm almost done with code , soon will post all info for project ds18s20 - done max6675 - done display - done only must write the code for soldering stages

for OVEN i buy a new mini-oven SONASHI 1380W with 4 elements for 65 BGN ~ 34 Euro

Ready with software , it is fixed to my oven

Here are the standart curve

This is my curve

That is really nice. Please post up all the details, schematics, code etc.

If you have eagle files that is even better!!!

I have the decimilia, and the lcd, so I think I could get this going pretty cheap.

Any chance you have a few extra pcbs laying around?

Hello Syrax! How are you doing?

Nice project!!!!

I am interested in the code for the SMD oven you did! I will really appreciate if you could send me more info.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Regards, Mauro.-

So - what ever happened with this project? Was it ever posted somewhere to download and build, or learn from?