SMD Quartz crystal for ATMega328p


I'm making project with atmega328 on board. I'm using TQFP32 version, and I've got problem with size of crystal.

I'm ordering from tme, and first I though about that:

but that is way to big.

Then i though about:

It seems ok, but I've noticed that is has GND connectors. Then there is a question. Do i need external 22pF caps? Or different pF?


Then i though about:
16.00M-SMDXT324 YIC - Resonator: quartz | 16MHz; ±30ppm; 18pF; SMD; 3.2x2.5x0.7mm | TME - Electronic components

The value of capacitors you need depend on the exact part number you order.

The capacitance to use is actually shown on the order page you linked to ?

Yeah, I've seen that there is written 18pF, but that is value od caps I should use or something like internal capacitance of that crystal?

The selection of capacitors to match the crystal load capacitance is discussed in this technical guide on crystal oscillators.

The web hosts plenty of information on this important topic, if you care to look.