SMD temperature sensor with dedicated heat transfer pin.

Hi, I am looking for a temperature sensor IC with the following specifications: - Automotive grade - Output voltage linearly proportional to Celcius - Sensing range of -40 to 125 Degrees Celcius - DC offset to allow measurement of negative temperature without the need of negative supply - wide supply range - Very low self heating when encapsulated in potting epoxy - Small package size - (IMPORTANT) Have a dedicated probe pin for measuring temperature of a pad. This pad should not be electrically connected in any way; it should act as heat transfer only. The device should handle current (80A) and voltage (100V) spikes in its vicinity (not directly connected to sensor).

I have looked at the following as well: TC1047A (does not have a heat transfer pin. Other than that is has very good specs) MCP9701A (not sure if the NC pins in the 5 pin package are heat transfer pins)