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I would like to know if anybody knows if the SME ARDUINO NANO can also be a USB midi controller, like the Teensy 3.x? I have attached a PDF file about the SME ARDUINO NANO.

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Thats a driver install manual…


This is the only information I can find other than the driver manual.

It is a quote from the seller's website:

The Iteaduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the Adruino Nano 3.0. It has more or less the same functionality of the Arduino Duemilanove, but in a different package. It lacks only a DC power jack, and works with a Micro USB cable instead of a standard one.

Microcontroller Atmega328
Digital IO pins : 20
Analog Input pins(ADC) : 8
Max Frequency : 16MHz
RAM Capacity : 2K
FLASH Capacity : 32K of which 2 KB used by boot loader
External Resources : No
Power Supply :
External : 12V
External : 7V
External : 9V
USB : 5V
I/O Operation Level : 5V
DC Output current : 40mA
Board Size : 43.18x17.78x1.6mm
Version : 1.0
Weight : 20.00g

I would like to know if this board can also be put into midi mode please?

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No, you need one that uses an atmega 16u2 (ie, a second microcontroller) as a serial adapter, since that can be reprogrammed to be a usb midi device. That board per the link uses a CP211x adapter, those can't be reprogrammed, they're only a serial adapter

Thank you DrAzzy.

So far my research into Arduino has been quite frustrating, because the boards I can get, do not have enough information in order to make a decision about them. I need a small single board solution, that I can use to 'midify' a 'standard' 13 note pedalboard.



You need a board with a reprogrammable microcontroller with native USB.

On the Uno/Mega (and faithful clones thereof) that's the 16u2 used as a serial converter. On many other boards (such as the Leonardo, micro, and most ARM-based microcontroller boards) the microcontroller itself has on-chip USB.