Hi guys. I am a new member of club and i a have some problem with my display. I found this page Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. to start up with my arduino uno. I copied the code and my program didn;t verify my program. It's say to me "error 'display' was not declared in this scope. I didn't understand I copied the code as it is. I have the version 1.0.5 -r2. Is my version ok? Thank you all of us!

Hi and welcome.

Next to that code, you also need the SMH_7SD library and import that the correct way.
You skipped that.

I give up, what's a SMH_7SD?


The first link hints to a 7 Segments Display, which must be the 7SD part in the name of that thing.
It also tells about #include "SMH_7SD.h", which is what i was pointing to earlier.