I just finished my Smiley-O-Mat - it's a tin-box with 3 turning knobs that allows you to controll the appearence of a smiley. With 3 simple turns I can now tell your co-workers, familymembers, ... how you feel at the moment and if it is wise to talk to me right now :-)

my blog post contains the processing and the arduino code

This is what the controller looks like

and this are some of my smileys

Hi! Very nice ;)

But how many smileys can you exactly create?

I love this! I need one to point toward my kids.

I think everyone in the world should have one of these in a hat with a revolving marquee.


20 eyebrow positions 50 mouth positions 512 shades of color

makes 512000 different smileys :-)

Throw this on a 320x240 lcd, all in one little package. Or even one of those 8x8 LED modules.

Quite some faces(Y)

that's fun, thank you.

It also has law enforcement applications. if you get mugged by a smiley you can use this to do a really good likeness.

I wonder actually if you could adapt it to do human faces with three knobs - general shape of face, hair, expression?