smiple "calcuation" problem?

Hello, i am working on a simpe servo code using array. Here is a small part of the code, I hope it does not matter that it is not full yet. I have the "variables" (is that the right name?) "nr1" and "nr2". The "nr2" has to be one digit higher than "nr1". See bellow.

#include <Servo.h> 
Servo myservo1; 
Servo myservo2;  

int blikk1[] = {100, 10, 120, 10};
int nr1 = 0;   
int nr2 = 0;
int stad1 = 0;                                 
int blikk2 =0;
void setup() { 
void loop() { 
 for(int i=0; i<4; i=i+1){ 

nr1 = blikk1[i]; 
nr2 = blikk2[i]++1; //this is my problem. I want the "nr2" to be one digit higher than the "nr1". I guess you can see how Im trying to do this.

Any sugestion would be appreciated.



nr1 = nr2 + 1;
EDIT: I mixed them up, see the post below... Embarrassing!

nr1 = nr2 + 1;

If that doesn't work, you could try:

nr2 = nr1 + 1;
nr2 = blikk [color=red]2[/color][i] [color=red]++[/color] 1;

nr2 = blikk1[i]+1 // for i = 0 this gives nr2=101

nr2 = blikk1[i+1] // for i = 0 this gives nr2=10

depending of what you want.


Yes, so simple. Thanks.