Smoke detector fried

Hi, i bought a smoke detector that works at 433 and my idea was to make it work with an arduino that would receive the signal and text message me, but something happen when i tried it for the first time. The smoke detector had a label saying 9-12v power source but didnt detailed that it needed 9v DC or 12v AC, so i connected a 12v DC power source to it and heard a small spike and few smoke coming from it This is the circuit:

can you help me understanding what can the 12v dc pwr source fried on the circuit so i can make it work again ?


Did the smoke detector detect the smoke?

DC on an AC input transformer would smoke it. Or, maybe you reversed the polarity. Or, maybe your 12VDC is more than 12V.

That picture doesn't show some spot i recognise as something burnt. Can we see the component side of that smoke generator of yours ? Perhaps also one in perspective.

ahaha it didnt :P

my vdc is for sure 12v i measured before connecting it to the smoke detector Also reverse polarity was checked. The thing is, it says: 9-12v but after frying it, i checked the online manual and it said Power Supply: DC-9v battery or AC-12V/24V :| so the problem is that i connected 12v DC instead of AC because of wrong label on the product.

I connected the 12v and heard something and right after it smelled like a burnt resistor but looking at it i cant recognize too anything burnt

Top view: (The top capacitors shown in the photo above, didnt burn, as you can see)

Don't rely on what you read. There is a polarised capacitor on the input, and i see no Rectifier diodes. If you feed this AC, it will die.

Isn't the Smoke alarm meant for use with a 9V PP3-Battery pack ? I would guess that enything over 9V is bad for it.

// Per.

Thank you all for your help. The IC is fried :/ i'm going to buy a new one