Smok'in arduino pro mini

Hi Guys

The other day I plugged in a 6v NiMh battery in to my Arduino Pro Mini (5v), crackle, smoke, pop said the arduino :( I'm 100% percent sure that I connected the battery up right -> Positive to RAW and Gnd to Gnd.

One of the capacitors is rather deformed (has bubbles all over it) and the Voltage regulator is looking a bit brown.

Should I not connect NiMh batteries or has this Arduino just had its day?

I'm using a 7.2 volt 3.3 Amp NiMh battery on a Pro Mini with no problems. Must have been it's time.

When you are sure that you used the 'RAW' (higher voltage input) and the positive voltage, it should be okay. That sounds like a reverse voltage, or using the 5V pin. If you are sure you did it right, it might be a cheap Ebay clone with bad capacitors. Perhaps you can remove the voltage regulator and remove that smoked capacitor and use it as a 5V-only Arduino.

I have only once smoked such smd capacitors, by using 12V to a 6V capacitor, and it did "crackle, smoke, pop".

If is the regulator, you can try to remove it (and the capacitors), and try to connect 5V to the 5V rail.