Smoking Arduino.

Hey everyone,

a few weeks ago i orderen myself an arduino mega 2560 r3. I gave it 25 V and the Mega AT2560 Chip started Smoking. I directly took the power supply of but it wont work any more. Under Sketch>Check
it works but if i want to write an bootloader on it or something it wont work. But if i power it over usb the ON Led and the TX&RX Leds are lighting.

And it also dont smoke any more and so on. I also cant see any connections which shoulldnt work :o

Are you saying that you can program it with test sketches and they work, but just can't burn bootloader? If so, this clearly demonstrates that the board's okay, and points to a problem with your process of bootloader burning - What programmer are you using to burn the bootloader? Why do you need to burn bootloader on it if you can currently upload sketches and they work?

But I'm not sure that's what you meant...

If the ATmega2560 chip smoked, the board's likely dead - the chip shouldn't even get warm when you're using it, so if it is getting hot enough to smoke, something horrible has happened.

If other parts smoked (likely the regulator), they may still work, and are replacible if they don't. These are parts that I'd think more likely to start smoking if the power system was abused.

No I cant write normal sketches if I try this there is this message: avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM12"
avrdude: ser_drain(): read error

So if its on(The Arduino Mega) the chip gets very hot and i dont want to touch it D:

From the Mega’s product page:

Input Voltage (recommended) 7-12V
Input Voltage (limits) 6-20V

24V is almost certain to toast the voltage regulator on the board. Once that goes, it could easily take out other components, but I bet your smoked chip was initially the regulator, not the Atmega. The Atmega is likely damaged now, both the 2560 and the 16U2 (which does USB->Serial conversion).

Go buy a new board, and never give it more than ~12V on the barrel jack (or Vin).

Electronics run on magic smoke. Once you let the smoke out, you can’t put it back in.

I have to correct myself the powersupply has an output of 20V and 3Amps.

So I have to replace the Voltage regulator? I think this can`t be the ground for it because it altough when i power it over usb the L-Led dont works

How can i get sure which part of (intercourse expensive) Arduino Mega is broken? Is what happened now warranty? The Mega Chip also got warm when i powered (over my usb port on my PC) it the first time when i got it

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(intercourse expensive) Arduino Mega

Huh? Clones are like $13-15 for ones with the 16u2 for usb serial like the real ones, $10 for CH340G clones (I frankly prefer CH340G over the 16u2, which I see as a square peg in a round hole, but some people disparage the CH340G)

I think the fact that your board gets hot like that is a good indication that it's dead - who knows how it happened, but the fact that the chip itself is getting hot is a very bad sign.

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Read what I wrote again. The failure STARTED at the regulator, and then most likely took other parts out.

How can i get sure which part of ( expensive) Arduino Mega is broken? Is what happened now warranty? The Mega Chip also got warm when i powered (over my usb port on my PC) it the first time when i got it

Certainly the voltage regulator (replaceable if you have some skill and decent soldering equipment), the Atmega16u2 (USB interface - not replaceable unless you have very specific equipment), and quite possibly the Atmega2650 (main chip, the big ~1inch square chip, also not realistically replaced and not worth the time). Quite possibly some other components too. I'm just going by the symptoms you've mentioned here.

If the actual atmega2560 (not the voltage regulator or a few other components) got hot the first time you plugged it in (WITHOUT any other power plugged in but the USB cable), it had a fault. That would make me suspect you had a clone, not a genuine board, but that's just a guess and irrelevant at this point. Either way, if you plugged 20+V into it, you won't get any warranty coverage on that.

tl;dr: the whole board is toast. Buy a new one.

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