Smoking board only accepts USB power

When i went to upload my sketch to the Arduino, i selected the wrong serial port and a current spike caused the Arduino to smoke.

When i plug in the USB cable, the red power light is on as well as the RX led flashing, when I just plug in the power cable the red light does not go on.

When i plug in the usb or power cable in the Arduino it does not smoke.

The Arduino still runs the sketch when powered by USB, as when I breath on the DHT11, the LED changes colour accordingly.

The only damage i can see to the board is that the voltage regulator has some melted plastic on top of it.

As it still performs its sketch properly, I assume that the only damaged component is the voltage regulator.

Will replacing the voltage regulator 'most likely' fix the board?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sound like it. Post a picture if you would like better advice.

I can't take a picture because my ipads camera doesn't pick up the melted spot. Is there some kind of test that I can do on the voltage regulator using a multimeter to check if it is the problem?

Well, if it is melted, it definatly is a problem, the question is: Is it the only problem?

Using a multimeter would I be able to check if it is the only problem?

I have tested with a multimeter and when the black power cable is plugged in, the voltage between the voltage in and voltage out is 12V so i presume the regulator is no longer working.

Is it worth attempting to replace it?

It is certainly worth a try. You only have a cheap component and your time to lose if it doesn't work, and a working board if it does.

Ok, thx :slight_smile: