Smooth servo movement with 433mhz signal.

Hello Guys.
My project works! ;D But when i use my servo to rotate and tilt my camera, with my remote control (push botton) then the signal make it rotate in steps instead of a smooth motion,

i know that the problem is this:

if(buf[i] == 65){
Serial.print(" - Roter left");
if (rotor > -22){ int i = 0; while ( i <= 13 ){ rotor--; ++i; }  
roterwrite(roterPin, rotor, 500, 2400);    

That means i have to find a solution about turn a permanent signal on when the Arduino receiver, gets a pulse signal from the 433mhz transmitter. Any of you know a solution to that problem.

The signal is showed in the attached image.

(I cannot use the servo.h liberty because i use virtualwire.h)

if (rotor > -22){ int i = 0; while ( i <= 13 ){ rotor--; ++i; }

You’ve effectively got a “for” loop there to do some simple arithmetic.
I can’t see the point.

I use the loop because,, if there only is one i++ the rotation is to slow.. therefor i make a loop with 13 ++i.

Nope, still not seeing the point.