Smoothening flow sensor output

Hi experts,

I am using a flow sensor to measure the flowrate of my pump. It does not give me consistent value and bounces intermittently. Is there anyway I can filter the bouncy values ?

this is my code:

volatile int noRisingEdgeTopsFan;                       
float flowLPM=0.00;
float flowOzM=0.00;
#define factorOz 33.814   //for litre to ounces. 
#define sensorInput 2    // arduino pin                       
void rpmRW ()                                   
void setup()
    pinMode(sensorInput, INPUT);               
    Serial.begin(9600);                               // Keep the same value in Serial Monitor                   
    attachInterrupt(0, rpmRW, RISING);          
void loop ()
    noRisingEdgeTopsFan = 0;                            
    sei();                                            //interrupt enabled                                  
    delay (1000);                                     //delay                        
    cli();                                            // interrupt cleared                             
    flowLPM = float(noRisingEdgeTopsFan)/11;          // datasheet F= (11*Q)+/-3%   
    flowOzM = factorOz* float(flowLPM); 

    Serial.print (noRisingEdgeTopsFan); 
    Serial.print (int(flowOzM)); 
    Serial.print (" Oz/min\r\n");             

and my Serial monitor

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seems you get only a delta of 1 pulse which leads to the change you see... probably 1s is too short to have a good measure.

A frequent way to smooth out values is taking x% of the previous value and (1-x%) of the current one.
Depending how you choose x, you'll favour the sensibility to the new value or the history

for example (90% x previousValue + 10% currentValue) will be taking the new value impact just for a bit, so will be "slow" to react to changes

The results you are seeing may be the results from the type of pump you are using.