SMS and Arduino Uno?

Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to Arduino, but does anyone know if it's possible to send text messages to the board, and then display them in a string variable?
I have the option to be connected to a computer as well, if that helps at all...


Does this shield fullfill your need? There are more ..

You can also link it to certain old cellphones with serial TTL. I believe the old Ericssons. Can't find the post, but I remember seeing one.

There is some information here:

You could also potentially do something by taking an unwanted phone apart and using the keyboard connections as a communication mechanism. I would imagine they are just on a matrix keypad arrangement.

If you imagine the phone setting each row high in turn and listening on the columns, then the Arduino just needs to see which row is selected (inputs) and set the right output for the column you are pretending to press.

Not one for the faint-hearted, but it might work :wink:

Anyone tried that approach?

I think that shield would work great! Unfortunately I'm a poor student at the moment.
What I'm trying to do is have a user enter a text string, and then display it through a projection on the wall. Maybe an old keyboard would be a better way to go about this? Although admittedly not as cool...


As a poor student, hop onto eBay and get yourself an old phone for $10.

I found a better post about using the serial port on old phones here:

a lot more practical than the keyboard idea.

Wow this seems like it's a bigger project than I thought... thanks for the info!