SMS remote for car heater with extras

Finally I finished my first Arduino project: A SMS remote for controlling my cars Webasto petrol heater. While I was at it, I added some extras: GPS, Temperature, Humidity, Volt-meter.

I can turn on/off heater, set desired heater-time, set desired cabin temperature, turn on/off extra relay, check temperature/humidity, check battery voltage, check GPS location and speed of car. All by SMS

I used:
Arduino Uno,
2 channel isolated relay board
GSM module,
Skylab GPS
Total spent was about 80$

I mounted it all inside an old car stereo, as I had an extra ISO slot in my car. It was easy to wire to my heater, it just needs a positive on a single wire to turn on. Other heaters probably needs a CAN-BUS signal, or the original on/off button can probably be hacked

More details in ino file.

[EDIT] ino file removed. See post below with fixes and updated sketch.



I’ve made some fixes and improvements.

Most string variables are moved to PROGMEM.

Added a routine to check if GSM is connected to network, and act accordingly.

Added functions to set the low battery and empty battery threshold by SMS.

“Speed” is now working.

Added a “GPS virtual fence”, which can be set by SMS to 1-99999 meters.

I’ve split the sketch into several tabs for clarity, that’s why the attached file is .zip (10.2 KB)

Awesome! Do you have any videos? (Shot safely, while not driving, of course haha)

Sorry, I haven't got a video. It would a little boring anyways, there are no moving parts, just a blinking light, some text messages, and the sound of a heater :wink:


Some updates? I woud like to adapt to work with original webasto termocal app, but im wondering the actual program what youmade is working fine?