SMS sending and receiving: monitoring a fish tank parameters and sending alerts

Disclaimer: This is my first Arduino project, and I hadn't written C programs in about 16 years :slight_smile:

Its goal is to monitor a fish tank to check the light level, temperature and water level are ok.
If they are not, it sends SMS alerts to registered mobile phones.

A lot of parameters are configurable by sending SMS to the device, and you can also register or unregister your phone to get the alerts.

It's an open source project available here : GitHub - reivaxy/aquaMonitor: Recifal aquarium monitoring with arduino, alerts and settings by SMS and webApp, and statistics database

I hope to avoid the lost of fishes, shrimps, and many corals I suffered one year ago when the power went out in my apartment while I was away. If I had been warned, I could have sent someone fix that.

Although I have already built two of these devices which are running right now monitoring two different tanks, it's still a work in progress with more ideas waiting to be implemented.
The main two are:

  • check that the powerhead pumps are working
  • wifi connection to share the GSM shield between several modules to lower costs and SIM card needs, and may be log measures to a webserver.


What are the total costs for such device?



It's below $90.

Most components are cheap, like a few dollars, the most expansive one being the GSM module to send and receive SMS, it's around $28.


Version 2, equipped with an ESP8266 (around $2) is now offering a webApp to read the status and adjust the settings.

It's still a prototype, the hardware is not yet upgraded and will likely need a new PCB, the software is in branch Wifi of the github project.

Here is how it looks like for now (with setting displayed, one setting being edited):

Next improvement will be periodical recording of measures on an external web server to provide graphs showing the evolution.

Several devices sharing a GSM module through Wifi (Or/and bluetooth if I manage to get an ESP8232 to work :)) will be available in version 3.

I didn't have much time to work on this project but I have added the statistics recording.
The wifi module is used to connect to a website hosting a database to record light and temperature levels and provides graphs to display the data.
The database structure is designed to record data from any number of aquarium and owners, so at some point there will be some authentication, API key, ...etc
The website I have created to host this is still very basic :