SMS Text using Ethernet shield?

Hello i was wondering if it i possible to send a text message without having to use the gsm shield? i know it can be done in php i have seen that or using third party company to do this but was wondering if i can use the Ethernet shield to send the text?

You can send a SMS message using a text-only email.

I have an email example sketch here. You may or may not be able to send email direct to the provider's email server. You may need to use your provider's email server as a relay.

For the email servers for the major providers, click here.

If you don't know the cell provider for a number, look here.

hello SurferTim i couldn't get in the playground email link for some odd reason.

Worked ok for me just now. It took a bit longer than normal to start loading.

for some odd reason i get a blank white page strange must be my browser let me try another one.

Okay that worked i see it now thank you it's what i been looking for. thanks :)