SMT Tape feeder specifications?

I need to adapt my homemade pick and place machine to handle WS2812B LEDs. The tape reel is 12mm wide, the components are 8mm apart, and the sprocket holes are 4mm apart. Can anyone tell me if a feeder like this:

will work, or can point me to a reference on how to learn to figure this out myself?

12mm tape width.JPG

I don't know that feeder specifically, but most allow you to adjust pitch.

I used to work pick and place many moons ago, If i remember correctly, the pitch will adjust the mechanism to give a free flow for placement. I found this, hope it helps..

Normally the component reel are made under an international standard,but all need to be driven forwardly for machine pickup,so feeder in responding size must be used whatever machine is used,

But different machines create different kinds of feeders,fuji cp 12mm feeder pitch is fixed and cannot be adjusted,but juki,samsng yamaha 12mm feeder pitch can be adjusted,

SMT-precise( just make samsung cp/sm feeders,juki af/cf/ff feeders,yamaha/philips cl/ft/fs2 feeders,