Smudged Arduino Environment


Frequently, ie more often than not when I open the arduino environment, the environment screen is completely smudged. I can click on menus and they will function although I am unable to read any text. Other programs function normally.

I often get a clue that this is going to happen when I start the arduino software and see some black pattern at the upper right desktop.

This happened often with Arduino 12 and more frequently with 13.

I have tried shutting down various other programs including Chrome and outlook with no improvement.

I have made sure that pins 0 and 1 are disconnected when uploading a sketch, again with no effect.

I addition I have reinstalled the software and the java runtime environment with no effect.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Iain Grant


I suspect people will need more details on your system: e.g. OS type and version etc.

A screenshot may help also.