SN754410NE "Kick in hgih current" problems?

SO I bought the SN754410NE H-Bridge from dipmicro.
It is rated at 1 amp max but in the datasheet it says peak current 2 amps < 5ms.

The dc motors I want to use take up about 500-600 amps while running and about 1.3 at the beginning of powering on (from stationery position to running)

Will this 1.3 A kick at the beginning affect the H-bridge?

And while I’m at it and talking about this H bridge how much motors can I use on this H bridge anyways (on their own control pins obviously so they are separately controlled)?

Lastly, can I use a MOSFET on the output of the H-bridge to switch the motors with a higher current?

The dc motors I want to use take up about 500-600 amps while running

Urk! Do you mean 500-600 milliamps?

How long does the 1.3A condition last? You're probably OK if it's less than half a second or so.

I would stick to 1 motor on this. You're already pushing the maximum current for this device and you should probably consider cooling it with a heatsink (or getting a more powerful motor driver). Pushing motor drivers to the number listed on the datasheet is never a good idea.

I wouldn't attach a MOSFET to the H-bridge. MOSFET's have to be properly driven and a bipolar H-bridge like the 754410 is not meant for this. It would be better to just get a motor driver that can handle your current (of course I have to suggest our own Rugged Motor Driver).

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yes yes milliamps sorry, but i think it does like 300-400 miliamps on 5 volts so it should be okay then