Snake via Arduino - Possible to run 6 processes concurrently?

Dear community.

We are starting a project where we want to read 4 analogue microphone signals and run snake on a dmx controlled 7 x 7 RGB square (the loudest mic signal will determine the snake-direction).

I am firm in programming but I have asked myself whether the Arduino can handle 5 (actually 6: 4 x Microphone, 1x DMX out, 1 x Snake) processes concurrently as there should not be too much delay in responding.

If the Arduino power wouldn’t suffice, we’d have to think of a solution where the loudest signal is filtered mechanically or in any other manner so that the arduino itself wouldn’t have to determine the loudest signal.

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.


The Arduino should be more than up to the job. Of course it only runs one process, but that’s not a problem.


If you create a crude amplifier circuit that feeds a capacitor in parallel with a resistor to GND. Then you’ll have a simple voltage measurement for each microphone. It then becomes a simple matter to do an analogRead for each microphone to decide which is the loudest.