SnakeStomp - DDR style arcade game

Hi, I’m currently working on a game called SnakeStomp, it’s a DDR style arcade game that uses an Arduino mini Pro connected to 4 stomp pads. Each stomp pad has 4 tri colored LEDs and an accelerometer to detect when it’s been stomped on.

The stomp pads are connect to a pc running a Processing sketch I wrote to take the inputs of the stomp pads and move a snake around the screen. The game makes uses of the MSAFluid, Minim, Serial and OpenGL libraries.

The whole game will be released with source code once it’s a little cleaner, I’m not a very good programmer so…I’d like to save myself as much embarrassment as possible.

I made a little video of the game in action and put it on youtube.

I thought it might be fun to add a joystick and some arcade buttons to control misc variables in the game like camera angle, box size, color and whatnot.

Let me know what you guys think, critiques are welcome!

I would like to know more about those "stomp pads". How are they made? They look to be able to handle weight and I might require something like that in a future project. Give me some new if you have time :)