SNMP Manager

Hello, I have Arduino Leonardo with Ethernet shield (W5100 controller), both working like a charm. I’ve been looking around for quite a while about Arduino serving as SNMP Manager but without a luck.

I know that it’s possible to configure it as a client (with Agentuino for example), but can’t find anything with manager.

All I need is to send a single snmpget command and display received data. Sounds trivial, but its quite an obstacle for me :< I’m not familiar with communication on arduino <-> other devices. Looking for any help I can get,


Sorry for bumping the thread, but I'm still looking for help.

SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) Implementation on Arduino Ethernet Shield: Monitoring Room Temperature perhaps?

SNMP tends to be large and complex, by arduino standards.

westfw: perhaps?

SNMP tends to be large and complex, by arduino standards.

SNMP agent is working without problems, but I wanted to make Arduino send the getRequest to other device so it would look something like that:

Arduino: snmpget -v1 -c public <some_hardcoded_OID>
Client: create a response and send it (this part is done by any snmp agent, don’t need to worry about it)
Arduino: catch the response so I can print it out

I’m trying to refactor the agent code to act as a manager, but I’m not that familiar with C/C++ so it’s quite a pain in the back for me.

@EDIT 21.01 - I’ve managed to send an SNMP GetRequest packet to a diffrent device and recieve rensponse, but the OID field is getting some junk values at the start, not sure why.

I know this thread has been dead for quite some time. However, I too was searching for a SNMP manager and found this thread hoping I'd stumbled on to the answer I needed, sadly that wasn't the case.

With further searching I found an SNMP Manager which was derived from an SNMP Agent, however it didn't work for me, so I used the knowledge from that project to re-create a new SNMP Manager derived from the SNMP Agent project, but with all the Agent functionality removed. So just a manager.

Posting here in case others find this thread when they are searching like I did.

Library: GitHub - shortbloke/Arduino_SNMP_Manager: SNMP Agent built with Arduino

I hope this helps someone.

Hi, I am also looking for SNMP manager. I am bit new to the Arduino Boards. My application is to read the Router status through Arduino and have to display. In this case, Arduino acts as a manager to get the response from the router (agent).

Does anyone have SNMP manager library? Please share the link.