I can´t find any SNMP libraries that i could use in my Duemilanove Arduino, i would appreaciate if someone knows where to find them, some link would work... :)

Thanks a lot!!.

I've not seen any for micros. SNMP is pretty fat and bloated. But since SNMP is UDP on ethernet, you could hack the ethernet code.

Post up your code when you get it working.

ok thanks,

but i have seen that in PIC18 family of Microchip you can configure an SNMP agent with some libraries they mention, they also explain you all the procedure, heres the link of the PDF:

And i don´t know if that libraries could be use in a similar way or can just be added to my Arduino for example.

Thanks for your post! ;)

Thanks for the link.

That code will have to be ported for use with an Arduino+Ethernet device. That code claims to be 24-32kb compiled. No doubt some support code will have to be added as well. Dunno how it will fit, if at all.

I will take a look at it.