Snow Cannon our staff in our office!

Hey guys,

Hope you like this Christmas campaign we are running in the office. An arduino board wired up to a 600W snow cannon in our office. Go on the website, and get the chance to fire the snow cannon at our Grinch in the office yourself. Just gotta get in the queue, its been pretty busy!

Techie Bit

We are using an Arduino with Ethernet Shield with a 12v external power supply powering the board. We wired up a relay to a breadboard to control the load on the Snow Cannon. The sketch on the Arduino polls a web server if it should fire or not every 3mins! So he gets snowed every 3mins if there is someone in the queue.

Get involved if you have five mins! Love it to be be trended on twitter too #snowtime.


Do you have sample code for arduino and html for website

Hey, I can't release the code right now, but we will prob be releasing it over the couple of months! Understand why you want it, took me a while to get it all figured out, this is our first Arduino project! Cheers.