snubber circuit capacitor and resistor?

hey guys i want to form a snubber circuit for my triac bta-12 with 0.1 uf capacitor and 2.4k resistor. the diagram is shown (the second one for inductive load). may i know what kind of capacitor and resistor to use i have no idea. if you could provide the model number then it would be much better. ac-230v, 50 hz

another thing refer to the circuit, why is 180 ohm resistor (beside 2.4k) necessary?

ac-230v, 50 hz

1/4 watt resistors will be fine

400V Metalized Polyester is probably the best choice/price for the capacitor.


Hopefully this document tells you the technical story behind the snubber requirement / design

Seems like you're asking similar questions about the same circuit in multiple places.

Did you not read the guidelines about cross-posting?

When people ask very basic or naive questions about mains-powered circuits, that is usually an indication that they shouldn't be fooling with a dangerous situation that they don't well understand.

yeah i know i am just a beginner and i should not be fooling about and that is why i am trying to gain as much knowledge before making the actual project. First i simulated the circuit in matlab and now i am trying to get the power ratings of the capacitor and resistors. the actual project i will be making after one month and hence right now i am trying to take everything into consideration and checking at components available at my locality. pardon me for cross posting.

thank you very much jackrae.