So... I just lost 20 of my "reputation" on Arduino Stack Exchange

I'm an absolute fanatic when it comes to getting more reputation on stack exchange (similar to hearts received here) as it allows me to explore more features of the site. I had about 460 reputation, my goal was to reach 500 through answering and asking, but then I open it to find out that I'm at about 440 :cry:, turns out that a few votes that others cast on my posts were not genuine, lol.

Filled with hate right now :imp:.

Just look here-

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This is not Arduino Stack Exchange: go complain with them if you have to. Or better, instead of "filling yourself with rage" consider that "reputation" thing with some perspective and use internet forums to help you go ahead with your projects, not as an end in itself.


Oh well I don't even care now, if its not genuine, I don't want it anyways

Define "genuine"

Oh yes. I suppose the user who continually upvoted you will also get some sort of sanction:

Anyway, have a like from me. :wink:

In this context it means that somebody has been voting up on my posts for no reason and frequently

There will always be a few asshats.

your two votes lost are a recent event so I deleted the link to the older meta post in my previous comment. please ask on

I wonder who that one person is?, Thanks.

Ok, ok I don't want to get this too serious, I'm fine with a reputation change for a good reason :+1:

Well I noticed that there was a "Bar sport" category, I should have put this there

Venting is good. It stops folks from becoming mass murderers (not that you would have been). I understand your pain. My wife was on Pinterest a lot and the ebb and flow of Pinterest followers drove her crazy.
Still, we need to recognize that social media should often be called antisocial media.

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I've often joked (IRL, not online) that I should start an antisocial media site, but the only problem is that nobody would join. :stuck_out_tongue:

"I would never join any club that would have me as a member" - Groucho Marx

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I'd bet some folks would join :slight_smile:

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