so im building a quadcopter

and will probably have to ask alot of questions, and im going to ask you guys to be patient and help me if you can, im a good googler but some of the things cant be found with google and instead ill make a good tutorial for the coming enthusiasts of this hobby

i ordered and am waiting for arduino yun i bought 4 dc motors and am struggling with the info sheet that came with them

i've almost completed the frame in autocad inventor, more work is needed

im also having a trouble choosing a digital potentiometer(s) to control the motors

the setup will run on a 2x 6v 1.2ah battery(i have them laying around) and use bulk converters to regulate the voltage(1x5v for the yun and 1? for the digital pots

can you guys tell me what the info on the infosheed means? should i use 1 digital pot with 4 i/o or 4 seperate digital pots, (also what size or how i can calculate it, been trying to do it for days)

also what do you guys recommend for gyro control, i was thinking IMU Digital Combo Board - 6DOF

the plan is to put this all togeather and build a remote with a teensy, it'l connect to my android via usb and then the android sends the signals to the quadcopter im going to put a usb cam on the quadcopter and streamfrom the yun to my android too

Take a look at and their quadcopter kits & parts. Need things like Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) for the motors. Digital Pots are not the right device. They also have a good article somewhere on balancing the props, balancing the motors, other good application stuff. You can learn about the various IMUs, gyros, etc.

Are you already an experienced quadcopter pilot? If not I suggest getting that experience before trying to make a DIY quadcopter, otherwise how will you know whether the crash is due to a software error or pilot error?


Use brushless motors Use LiPo batteries Use commercial RC transmitter or make your own, but use some high resolution joysticks instead potentiometers :astonished:

Then: Buy a simulator and Learn to fly first.

Do like jusvalt says.

You have run down several wrong rabbit holes already: your motors are wrong, you do not control them with pots and your batteries are likely unsuitable. Absolutely do not try to invent your own autopilot at this point!