So many boards to ask questions, where to post tips?

I've written some tips on arduino memory and optimization. Where do you guys/gals think I should post them? Most boards are for asking questions. Great for asking questions but major headache to dig through to learn something. Should I post on exhibition?!

Here's the links:

First, some constructive critism... Atmel calls it "Flash" not "Flash RAM". Generally it's a good idea to use the same terms as the vendor to avoid confusion. Someone looking at the datasheet may not realize they are the same thing.

"Programming Questions" seems like an appropriate place or the Playground.

Hey Coding Badly, thanks. I've changed my posts. I'll try to post in the play ground.

Edit: It's my first time editing a wiki page. A little strange. I guess I'll get used to it. I'll add some more stuff such as Morse_in Morse_out as code snippets. Is that a good idea?