So many error while compiling I dont know where to start

I am trying to compile TH3d firmware for my cr-10s printer.
I am getting so many red lines, I dont know where to start or how to troubleshoot this.
Can anyone ready the log and see whats going wrong? Its all jibarish to me.
Error log arduino.pdf (692.7 KB)

You need to post your full code and full error log here

The easier you make it to read and copy the code the more likely it is that you will get help

Please follow the advice given in the link below when posting code , use code tags and post the code here

You can switch off your verbose output during compilation. The error will more than likely show as well; I did a simple test for that with an empty ino and an added #endif and got the error.

By the way, PDFs are a braindead format for code and errors; text would already be better (and is only 22 kB)

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