So when will there be an Upload COMPILED button?

Compiling takes FOREVER when done for the ESP modules, and they can be tricky to program sometimes, I'm tired of failing an upload (which it realizes in seconds something is wrong), but instead of redoing the upload (mine just started), it waits for the compile all over again even though not a charachtr has changed. It should keep that image file handy and not hide it.

Not to mention trying to hold down the millimeter diameter switch is a pain in the ass while plugging in USB cable.

Build options changed my ass!

Considering the the ESP folks are free-loading on the Arduino IDE I suggest you don't hold your breath.


If you upload OTA the upload speed is much faster (like 10x), and you don’t have to plug the esp8266 into your computer. And you don’t have to press buttons. Also, if you use a nodeMCU esp8266 you also don’t have to press buttons.

This sounds dumb; upload OTA?


Here ya go