SOC ob battery and code for it

can anyone help me with formula for SOC of battery and Arduino code for it,provided i know voltage and current of battery


are you nuts bro.......if you know the answer,reply properly....why to disrespect such a good learning platform


@kumar: WTF means What The Fvck. Now it's your turn. What does SOC mean.

Your subject has a typo, and for all we know SOC isn't right either, so lose the attitude and answer the question.

as i said SOC of it's state of charge of battery...quit the discussion guys.....there is no point of getting a thick skin as it's a learning platform so i thought people have organised brain...
i'm really sorry quit the discussion...

What is "a battery".

When I Google that, I see hundreds of different ones, with different chemistries.

Battery SOC is frequently discussed here. Try entering "SOC" in the search box on top of this page.

"Quit the discussion"

Please do. Bye.