socket Arduino to C# App Using Ethernet

Dear All,

I am working on a project that needs sending data to a C# UWP app and also receiving from the app, there are lots of data to receive, maybe about 50 int numbers and some strings and also about 10 int to send back to the app. I need to communicate to the C# server through the Ethernet TCP protocol. The Arduino must have static IP address. Unfortunately I had no experience on this issue. so if any one could help with sample sketches or useful Links, I'll be so appreciated.

hardware and software:

  1. Arduino UNO

  2. ENC28J60 ethernet shield

  3. EtherCard.h Library
    4.Visual Studio 2019

the EtherCard library doesn’t have the standard Arduino networking API.
with EthernetENC library you can use the examples and other code written for Arduino Ethernet library.
but EtherCard takes less flash memory and maybe less SRAM.

EthernetClient class implements a TCP socket in Arduino Ethernet libraries

There be this thing called PLX-DAQ that uses USB to transfer data from the Arduino MCU to an Excel spreadsheet. The neat thing is you, yes you can download PLX-DAQ, and open up the macro thingie. Then you can look at the code how the thing was done so you can do.