socket for MAX7219

I need to purchase some sockets for MAX7219 LED driver chip. Can anyone please advise on the correct socket to use to enable me to put the MAX7219 chips on my PCBs, and a supplier for these. Many thanks.

I got my sockets for my max7221 on ebay

Do you have a part number?

Assuming your using the DIP version of the MAX7219 then you need a 24 pin narrow (0.3") DIL socket. This eBay seller is the cheapest UK supplier but you may find better for your locale.

Thank you Riva. I'm in the UK too.

The question is - to what extent should one prefer the "machined pin" type of socket. Most (all?) of the eBay modules have machined pin strips (two separate) for the dot matrix or 7-segment display, but the more basic socket for the MAX7219. |500x500

Beware of wankers!

Paul__B: Beware of wankers!

You had better enlighten us Paul__B, what is the problem with that item?

The price? (Plus shipping.)

Paul__B: The price? (Plus shipping.)

But they are 'Vintage' :wink:

Funny how they look almost the same as the current ones (maybe a bit more gold all over the pins).

Yes, I don't for one minute doubt that they are "Vintage". :roll_eyes:

Personally I prefer the cheaper socket to those machined pins ones. The machine ones damage the pins on the ICs too much for my liking.