Socket Size


I'm gathering parts for a project which is built around a "standalone" ATmega8 programmed with the arduino virtual gizmo. Can anyone tell me what size IC or DIL (what's the difference?) socket I need to use for this chip. I could measure it but I'd like to get it right before ordering and I'm not sure which part of the chip to measure for a socket.



28 pin narrow DIP (which is .300" wide, IIRC) is what you want. The typical 28 pin DIP is wide (.600"), so make sure you get the narrow one.

DIL = dual in-line DIP = dual inline package

In a pinch (or if you're cheap) you can take some smaller sockets and get by. For instance, if you have two 16 pin sockets and a dremel tool, you can quickly have a 16 pin and a 12 pin that will mount end-to-end and function as a 28 pin. It's a bit easier if you have two 14 pin sockets, but as luck would have it I didn't.