Soft Serial echos as gibberish

Hi all. I've set up to try the SoftwareSerial example with the hopes of eventually using a soft serial channel to speak to a Lantronix DirectX without having to mess around with my regular serial I/O pins.

So I've copied the example code Arduino - Home verbatim and created an alternate serial connection on pins 6 and 7 (with a reroute for V+ and GND). When I send a message viathe serial port pin 13 LED toggles like it should, but I also get a reply that's nothing like I ask for. For example, sending






for each time entered.

I've double-checked my baud rate (9600), tried selecting all the Arduino boards from the Tools -> Board menu, and tried new pins for soft rx/tx. Not sure what else I can try.

Aha! This guy has the answer:

I didn’t understand what the included code was for at first. It’s a correction to the SoftwareSerial library that comes with the Arduino IDE. To install it, go to Arduino → Hardware → Libraries → SoftwareSerial and open SoftwareSerial.cpp. Replace the existing “int SoftwareSerial::read()” block with the new code. Save, close, and your sketch will now work correctly.