softserial library at 8Mhz?

hi I'm still new to the arduino but i want to build a small battery powered gps system with the tinygps library, I found some projects that inspired me but i think they all used higher voltages, my project needs to be around 3v. my question is will the softserial library work on an 8mhz 3.3v system like an arduino pro or will it screw up the timing. If i absolutely have to i can jump the voltage up to 4.5v and be able to use a 16mhz resinator but i really don't want to. Thank you very much for any help

I can't speak to the 3v question but it works fine at 8mhz.

There is a table that corrects for the timing differences between 8HMz, 16MHz and 20MHz. If you wanted to use NewSoftSerial at other frequencies you would need to add entries to the table.

Since my boards are 12MHz 3.3V boards I wrote a script that adds entries to the table (

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