software bug ? v0021 and v0022

Hi all,
I am completely new here, I checked the troubleshouting without succes and I am lost. Hope someone can help?

I am on windows xp home and succesfully downloaded and extracted (with 7-zip) the software files v0022 (twice) and (after unsuccesful installation of v0022) v0021. I installed the versions to different folders and opened arduino.exe .
Every time I can see the menu bar (file, edit, sketch…) and when I move the mouse pointer over the menus a box opens but it is blank. Moving the mouse downwards in the boxes makes the typical blue bar appear and I can even choose menues (well, I recognise “open” but that’s as far as I got).

on rare occasions the submenus appear after having moved over them with the mouse but they soon disappear again.
Anything I can do about it? Of course I am happy to provide more information if needed!
Any known version that does not do this? Any other ideas?
Your help and time would be much appreciated !!!
Have a nice day anyway

PS: I will be busy the next couple of days, so I won’t be able to reply until Thu or Fri

Try updating Java to the latest version.

This is normally not an IDE issue - normally an OS issue or a java issue.

Thanks for the immediate reply :slight_smile:

Indeed Java did not seem to have been installed / run porperly (never it noticed so far though when using Firefox 3.6.14)
anyway, I updated to Java JRE 6u24, restart of the computer. Java platform now available, unfortunately exactly same result as before: white “empty” menu boxes …
I understand that this is probably not really an Arduino problem but more of my system. But the arduino software is the first program which seems to have a conflict in the described way so I am open to any suggestions …

Thanks heaps in advance!

Hmm... I have this occasionally - moving between the menus normally sorts it but I'm afraid I don't really know what the route cause might be if not the java version.

I had this type of problem about a year ago. I pulled my hair out for weeks. It turned out to be an NVIDIA driver issue. Are you by chance using an NVIDIA chipset?

--- bill

Having the same issue. Updated java as well, no luck. I'm using the most up to date nvidia drivers. Perhaps an issue in my nvidia control panel settings?

Are you by chance using an NVIDIA chipset?

I am indeed using a rather old NVidia card. Pretty sure it's also up to date.