Software cant close

Dear Arduino Team
i have issue on arduino ide software some times i cant close the software, cant minimize and then when hapen this issue i cant edit my code , hapen this issue i need restart my laptop after that again i need to open the arduino software before i dont have this issue , it was very dificult for westing my alot of times ,
anyone know here how to solve this please let me know thanks

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What version of the Arduino IDE are you using?
What OS do you have on your computer?

thanks for reply sir
version is 1.8.12
windows 10

best Regards

Here is an article with some suggestions:

ok thanks sir i will read this

thank you from the bottom of my heart sir

Best Regards

sir i have still same issue
if i unistall the arduino software so what ever i write the code i allready save on folder that all code too delete?
so all codes i need write again ?
and the problem is when i click verify botton then this issue will come
i hope you hear me soon


Is there any reason you are using such an old version of the Arduino IDE?

If not, please try with Arduino IDE 1.8.16.

thanks for reply sir
i am using latest version sir
so ok i sir so i update to1.8.16


thanks sir i update to latest version 1.8.16 now it was working fine

Best Regards

Yay! I'm glad to hear it is working now. Enjoy!

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