Software Controlled USB FM

I am newbie to arduino,
I want to develop Software Controlled USB FM for Windows PC & Android

for this I will be using following components:

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. TEA5767 FM Radio module

Now I have seen various tutorials
I will be easily able to change the frequency and get the sound output from the pins,
Connections: PCarduino>TEA5767 FM module>speakers

I wonder how can I get stereo audio through the same USB port on which arduino is attached.
e.g. I will develop a PC app which will send commands/frequency to the arduino
arduino will set the frequency and will play the FM channel,
I want to recieve the FM stereo music being played through the USB port

I am stuck,
Help appreciated


The Arduino USB port acts as a serial device only. Can you convert the stereo signal into bytes, which then are transmitted over the serial connection? You'll also need a program on the PC, that converts the serial bytes into an audio stream.

Research "software defined radio". Your project will use the PC sound card to convert the digital stream from the USB port to any audio you program for.