"Software" disable auto-reset on connection with the Arduino Due

Hi all, I know there are always tons of threads which discuss this top but I have not found any which successfully solves my problem. I have an Arduino Due and am connecting to the Programming port ( the one closest the power plug). My problem is simple, I need to find a way to establish a connection to the Arduino WITHOUT resetting the Arduino and to be able to do this in software. Currently, I am connecting to the arduino via a python script and the serial library. ie

import serial ser = serial.Serial(port='ABCD', baudrate=9600) ser.readline()

I really need to be able to be able to open this above-described connection without having the Arduino sktech reset itself. The problem is that the Arduino is now embedded inside a complicated instrument and access is very complicated. I would like to be able to find a method of performing this connection without resetting the Arduino in software.

I read in various places that this might be possible via the appropriate configuration of the serial port via the DSR/DTR configuration. I'm not sure about the details though. Any links or further details would be much appreciated. Thanks


You might be able to do it by telling the software to not use DTR/RTS - not sure if that will work on the Due though.

How do I do that: "telling the software to not use DTR/RTS" ?

dbarkats: How do I do that: "telling the software to not use DTR/RTS" ?

The procedure for this depends on the language and library you're writing your program in. Consult the documentation for the library you're using to interface with the serial port. Some have a way to set the DTR/RTS line to a specified state prior to opening the connection - it may be necessary to use this to force the lines to be in the correct state, if you can't otherwise make them.

It'll take some experimenting, unless you can find someone who knows how the firmware on the 16u2 in the due actually interprets those commands.