software download

The software file arduino-0008-win from the Arduino web page doesn't work; it doesn't download properly so the zip is always damaged. I can't use the arduino board without the software. Could someone send me the software zip file? or give me a link from which I can download it?

A lot of people have downloaded the software without problems, you should try downloading it again.

I've tried many, many times but it downloads a zip file of 2 MB at the most. It finishes downloading the file when it's not complete. I have downloaded other similar zip files to check if it's my browser and I have no problem. I don't know what the problem is but I can 't download 007, 008, 006, none of these windows software files. I tried with firefox and internet explorer and nothing Thanks though acm

The file should be 46.8 MB or so. Can you download other .zip files of similar size? Does your browser report that as the total size of the file and stop partway through? Or does it think the file is smaller and stop when it thinks it's complete? You might try on a different network.

I can download similar size files, I just downloaded the processing zip just to check and other similar size files and I have no trouble. With the arduino files the browser at the beginning shows that the goal is to download 46.8 MB but after 2 MB the green bar fills speedily and announces it's done. Then I check the file on my desktop and it's corrupted and weights only 2MB. I'll try on another network. Thanks, I'll let you know if I am able to download it on another network acm

I'm also having the same problem -- I tried downloading an older version with the same result. The download starts at 15KB/s .. currently at 1.48KB/s :P.

Anyone have a mirror?

I was finally able to downloaded like two or three hours ago. It seams it's the Arduino web page, maybe it has too much trafic, guessing I don't know.

Hmm... the server does seem a bit flakey at the moment. Usually our webhost is pretty reliable, so hopefully it will get better soon.