software error correction with encoder - approach?

Hi -

This question might be a bit vague - thinking out loud a bit - but any comments welcome-

I have an XY plotter type project and am using rotary encoders on DC motors, using interrupts to read the encoders, etc. It seems to be working pretty well overall. The encoders are fairly high resolution (100 counts per turn).

I am wondering about how to accommodate errors since I don’t seem to be able to get the machine to stop on a dime. For example if I set a target position of 5000 and it overshoots to end up at 5061- that’s a fairly minor error. Would I take it into account in plotting the next move (e.g. subtract or add the error amount from the next target position) or just go with absolute targets and not try to do any error correction?

I’m still tinkering with speed control as a way to reduce position errors but I doubt I will hit it exact- where the encoder == target.

Anyway done a project like this before?