Software interface

I have an arduino based gps device. In my program I have included a file called waypoints.h that contains a double array of waypoints to navigate between. I can change the waypoints by typing new ones into the arduino IDE and uploading the changes but I want to make a prettier windows application specifically for the purpose.

I've been trying to research ways to compile and upload to the arduino without using the arduino IDE with the intention of modifying them to work in my windows application so a user could just press a button and upload their new waypoints. I'm really struggling to understand the options a lot of them seem to be linux based or really old. I've tried embedding the codebenders app in my website but you can't edit without logging in and I want other people to be able to use my GPS.
Could I use a batch file to upload new waypoints (and all the rest of the code) and if so how would I go about it? I've read through this but it's 6 years old now, is anyone using batch files to upload and how's it working for you?

Any advice welcome...

Thanks a lot

Instead of changing the waypoints that are hard coded in the sketch, you need to change the sketch to enable an interface for the user to enter those waypoints.

Without seeing the code we haven't a chance.

You can write your Arduino code so it can save waypoints received from your PC into EEPROM memory so it is not lost when the Arduino powers down.

This demo of communicating between a PC and an Arduino using Python may be helpful. I think the Python program will work with Windows if you modify the serial port reference to suit the way Windows works.

You can use any PC programming language that you like. The general principles will be the same.


Thanks a lot for such fast replies!

i use visual basic GUI to do things , tx true 433 serial device ,,
you can make one !
example you now the points
after this is entered or a stored one , then tx it to the arduino
and store it in eeprom , devided by
some thing to 255 bytes ,so you can store it ,
so you implement just like above told ,
if needed some help i can make a small one ,
butt i need to now how much digits you need to transfer like lat and long ?
i want to use waipoint sys in my quadcopter addonboard 8)