software name needed.

hi to all.
I have just joined the Arduino club and wanted to know if anyone knows the name of the software I recently found which got me into the Arduino.

ok before I bought any Arduino products I was doing some research and came across a software program on the world wide web.
basically it listed all the boards, all the sensors.
you chose the board i.e. Uno r3 or mega2560 and the selected sensors you wanted to use and the software then placed them on the screen with connections and coding.

I have now got Arduino products and a lot of the sensors but now cant find the program.
I am having a senior moment of memory loss and the name of the software program eludes me.

Welcome to the OFFICIAL forums.

IIRC there are at least three programs that allow you to do something similar.

First is Circuitio

Tinkercad also does the same.

There was another one but I am having my own senior moment LOL


thanks bob
will look at both but tinkercad doesn't ring a bell on the old grey matter

thankyou to bob.
it was indeed
I can now start making my own projects.
thanksyou bob.