software on windows 7

HI, first day with arduino, sorry for the noob question. I am trying to use the software under windows 7, but it doesn't work when I launch it it gives an error, There's a JavaWindow saying... "could not fine the main class: Program will exit"

first question. does it work under windows 7 second question. if yes, what's the problem then?

thx in advance

works fine on 7

Some computers have issues with arduino 0017 and its normally a java problem. Try updating java.

I just downloaded Java Runtime before installing Arduino Software... I'll try the update but I guess I have the latest version...

check out this thread i found this morning it may help.

thanks guys, and forget about it. ;-)

the ZIP file wan't expanded correctly, i was using Windows "internal" uncompression function and I discovered many files were missing. Simply unzipped again and everything works as expected.

thx anyway!