Software platform for data capture and analysis

I'm hoping to get feedback from the community on a software project I am working on designed to make life easier on Arduino projects. My goal is to gather feedback from responses to this post as well as setup short im session or phone call with those of you that are willing to spend a few minutes to share your feedback more directly.

Problem being solved
Data collection/analysis, acting on data and status monitoring of arduino devices is a problem I have faced on every project I have worked on. It is always the same problem, and I would prefer to spend less time on this server software drudgery and more time making more cool stuff.

What I am doing about it
Building a software service that manages all the common software needs for arduino devices. The goal is you can leverage all this and basically not have to write code for a server to manage all these common needs. The idea is to have a super simple API that devices can post data to. The system will take care of the rest, and makes more time to work on cool stuff.

Right now my list of these include (I would love to get feedback on other things people see as needs):

  • Status Monitoring - A simple way to send, receive and process an 'I'm ok' message from a device. Know immediately when your device is offline, and the system would let you create actions based on that (email/text/call me, trigger a script, etc...)
  • Data Collection - Once your device has data to report, post to the API and the system will manage recording and archiving it. No server coding required. Once uploaded, the data is available for you do with it whatever you need.
  • Data Analysis - Download it, put it in pretty graphs, export it to other places, manipulate it...
  • Actions - Setup rules to trigger actions based on the data stream. Trigger actions like alerts (email/phone/im/text/etc...) or trigger code. Alert another server, run a custom script. If you don't need to, just let the data remain recorded and then analyze it when you want to.

How you can help?
Let me know what you think. Are you guys seeing the same issues? Other issues you want to let me know about that would help you out? Post a reply. Willing to give a bit more? Let me know and we can setup a short im session or phone call to bounce some more ideas around.


These are pretty high goals.