Software removal not quite complete

Unfortunately, I was never able to make the WebApp work even with great assistance from this forum and 5 tries at a workable installation. The issue is a minor one, but the software de-installation process left some registry keys that I'm not smart enough to remove because I can't find them. I'm using RegEdit and looking in the first section of the Registry. I'm running Windows 10. Bottom line: I want to remove these unused Registry keys.

I'm guessing that the WebApp is using Google cloud services because of the nature of the left-behind registry keys. There are 10 of them, and the first one is: (data) HKCZR.gdoc | (key) .gdoc-GoogleDrive.gdoc .

As an additional note, one of the oddities of the WebApp's installation is that it did not use the logged on user's file system as its first preference for the location of the software installation. Instead, it used the user closest to the beginning of the alphabet. (There are three users on the system. Two of them are administrators, and they never run work.) I think that when the installation software is revised that it should be more selective and use the user account of the user who initiates the installation and not just a random user.

Thank you in advance for helping me remove the no-longer-used Registry Keys


I can assure you there are no Google services installed at all.

I do not think there are key left in the registry but I am going to check for you.

If you want to run the software without installing it you can refer to our open source code and build by yourself.
Please follow the instructions here arduino-create-agent/ at main · arduino/arduino-create-agent · GitHub


A good solid Reg cleaner is the Wise one available here.
I usually set it to "Deep Scan" and let it remove everything it finds !
Its both solid and reliable WITHOUT adverts etc. and often you can see a difference in boot speed too
They don't come much better for free ones and this is one of my GOTO bits of software even for clients computers.

Pair it up with CCLEANER available here and you have a couple of very nice tools.

Much of the software today leaves something of itself and my preferred uninstaller is the REVO one (paid).
testing, building and cleaning up a lot of computers over the years has led me to those mentioned above.

Thank you both for your information and clues. Will take your advice. It is really generous of both of you to monitor this forum.



I usually run CCleaner, but thanks to you, I did a Wise run Deep Scan. Then I ran CCleaner. Really appreciate the tip. All of the raggedy bits are gone from the register, or at least the ones that CCleaner sees. Best regards, Vic


I agree with you. The de-installation of the WebApp left no residue. Sorry for blaming Arduino for the left-overs. I did try installing and running the WebApp from an Admin account (I actually don't like to do that!), and still no luck. The App said that I had linked to the Mega board; however, I still received an error on trying to upload the sketch.

I will try to follow the process for running the software without creating an installation. Thank you again! Vic


If the app detects the board than the issue is not in the plugin itself but more likely in the upload tool installed bybthe same pluguin.

Can you please paste here the errore you get in than console at the bottom of the editor page?

Thank you,



Thank you for your continued interest. Here is what I did today:

-Fresh download of arduino-create-agent installation on a system that I previously removed the software and checked with CCleaner


-Accepted the certificate

-Completed the installation dialog

-Arduino icon shows in the tray

-Clicked the icon and selected the first option which was to Arduino create

Here is what I’m seeing: Line with an X through it Arduino/Genuino Mega 2650. This was initially covered by a warning in yellow offering me to download the installation package: No plugin connection uploading disabled … So I X’d out the message. When I hover over the X with a line through it, I’m seeing: Board not connected.

-So I clicked on the down arrow to the immediate right and reselected my board. The dialog on that screen said: Select other board and port. So, I clicked my board

There was a message that came up saying:
Blink without delay now linked to Arduino/Genuino 2650

-The image showing the sketch returned, again with a line with the X and then Arduino/Genuino Mega 2650

When I view the Windows Device Manager I see the Arduino Mega 2650 on Com 6.

The operation is the same whether I run the installation from a Windows Admin or a Windows User or do the installation from the Windows Admin and run from the Windows Admin. I’ve done all permutations. I’ve tried both the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.

Not sure what I need to do further to connect the board. I may be missing an important step.

Are there any diagnostics I can access?

select board and port.png

Hi vdolcourt

There may be a couple of reasons for the issue you now have.
One is a bad or poor USB connection / cable or even HUB. (avoid USB3 ports)

Only saying that as I have seen the issue and traced it down to a poor quality cable with an MKR1000
I would not have known had I not unplugged my USB hub by accident which sent me chasing my tail for a while.

You can also "Open Debug Console" (second option down) before you open Create from the task bar too which will give you a much better set of diagnostics to be able to post here.

There wont be much to display until you are logged into create then you will start to see some more information.

You can also copy and paste the info from the bottom window in Create.

Another step you could do is to leave Create open.
Disconnect your board from its USB connection.
Wait for a few moments then plug it back in.
Wait again for a short while and see if you can re-select it in Create.

This last set of instructions does NOT mean its a USB issue but that its a windows/create driver issue that has been seen a couple of times.


Thank you for the note.

I’m making some process and probably lots of stupid errors in the process. I apologize for the errors past and future.

This computer has two admins (just in case I have a corrupted profile which I have experienced before. For security purposes, I don’t run jobs on an Admin account) and one user without admin privileges which I use to run jobs. The software decided to install in a backup admin account. Note to self: Try installing in the non-admin user once everything works.

So, I went to that Admin account and ran with some success, but unfortunately not complete success. Per your recommendation, I launched the debug console ahead of time. Thanks for the clue.

As you can see from the captures, the software connected to the Arduino Mega, but I was not able to program the Mega. The debug is quite verbose. I omitted the hex, but I captured the text top and bottom of the page. Perhaps you can help me find out why the Mega board would not re-program by noticing something odd in the messages.

I’m pretty sure it is not the cable that is at fault because I tested re-programming the Mega board from the installed IDE before and after I tested the WebApp. The Mega re-programs OK. So that isn’t the issue.

I also pulled out the USB cable, waited a minute, and plugged it back in. I’m still receiving “Error: Could not program the board” when I try to program it. In the process of unplugging and re-inserting the USB connector I saw that when the USB connector was out that the WebApp did not have a message that it was connected to the board, but when I re-inserted the USB, the software found the board an instant later and sent a connection message.

So, I’m making progress, but I’m not to the goal yet. Thanks for helping me. I really do appreciate it.


Not being the brightest in here I can only find reference to the code "exit status 1073741515" being a C++ dependency issue (DLL probably)

It is going to take somebody much more clever than me (and there are a plethora of those in here).

Think this needs to be raised to the secret developer section (wherever they may hide).

Random thought here
I have had (in the past) Anti virus and such remove DLL's as suspect even though they were benign or even a Windows update replace them because of a name error in the source. I wonder if that could be the case here ?

My other suspicion would be in the clue you provided about Administrators.
Are these FULL or just user admins ? There is a very distinct difference in the two !

Hi @vdolcourt

I think the tools installed by the agent were broken for some reasons. Your tools are here: C:\Users{username}.arduino-create

Please remove the avrdude directory and try an upload again.


I found the arvdude folder and moved it to my desktop to keep it out of the way.

Change in environment (now an Intel 101 board), but everything worked in the end.

Small digression here: I spent the morning with a UC San Diego professor and his 10-year old son going through the basics of Arduino and loaned them my Mega 2560 board for the next week until theirs arrives. This is a very smart family, and they enjoyed blinking LEDs in new ways. The 10-year old is a whiz at wiring and understands the parameters that govern pin selection and timing almost intuitively.

First time through there was a problem with perpetual “busy.” After I canceled and quenched the client there was message about installing additional drivers. (This was good news.)

I re-engaged the trouble console and re-launched through the tray. Everything worked this time. No need sending you verbose messages this time. I tried six different uploads to the Intel 101 board and everything worked great. Please note that your karma counts got incremented.

I’m hoping that the powers that be at the Arduino castle on the top of the mountain will do something to prevent the avrdude folder from being installed.

Again, thank you for your patience, good cheer and help. Best regards, Vic Sunnyvale, CA


You asked a question: My other suspicion would be in the clue you provided about Administrators.
Are these FULL or just user admins ? There is a very distinct difference in the two !

In Windows 10 I have a choice to setup an account as having Admin privileges or "standard user privileges." The accounts with Admin privileges can remove and install programs, etc. I have two of those plus one account where I do "work" which has standard privileges. The idea is that it is harder to install malicious software if account control is at work. Of course, this is not foolproof, but it helps.

The Arduino WebApp chose the first user in the list which happened to be one with Admin privileges. I suppose this is good based on the fact that additional drivers were downloaded when I connected my Intel 101 board and used the WebApp. No telling what would have happened were I able to run the WebApp from an account without Admin privileges.

I'm happy with the way things are running and won't tempt fate by trying to do anything fancy like installing the WebApp on the standard user account.There is something almost zen about something that works.

I agree 100%.
Now its working leave it alone.

There is however a THIRD Administrator account which is the TRUE admin and it is by default disabled on all versions of windows.

This one is higher than a regular admin account and is something I often recommend for windows VISTA / XP / 7 / 8 / 10 users to enable for some application installations.